What is Wellschool?

Wellschool is a social enterprise based in St Kilda East in Melbourne, Australia. We do many things in the health and wellness space, but the main aim of our work is to influence health and education systems to  prioritise a practical wellness culture of learning and acting.

To do this we focus on three powerful tools for positive change;


Peer Coaching


These three tools have the power to overcome so many of the simple, devastating and perversely expensive ills in our society.

Be it isolation, fear, health challenges, poor lifestyle – there are simple effective and cost effective pathways to improve wellness and happiness.

Founded by Eva Migdal in 2012, and supported by a strong team of health professionals, educators and international volunteers, Wellschool has impacted the lives of hundreds of people across Australia through various programs such as:

• ‘Wellcircle’ for managing symptoms of Depression – a peer coaching community based initiative

• Licence for Life – Developed for Mentor and Mentee programs at YWCA for the Asista Mentor Program.

• Well Women – a peer coaching and wellness literacy training for women in housing

• Well Life – a telephone wellness coaching training for people who are post injury

We can provide wellness courses, training for wellness coaches, and a range of specific services to promote healthy, happy lives.