What is Wellschool?

Wellschool is a social enterprise based in Victoria, Australia. We aim to influence health and education systems to support and prioritise a positively connected, purposeful and wellness-oriented society.

We focus on three powerful tools for positive change;

Community, Coaching and Wellness.

With these we aim to empower people with tools to overcome isolation, fear, health/lifestyle challenges and to learn the pathway to maximising their wellness and happiness.

Founded by Eva Migdal in 2012, and supported by a strong team of health professionals, Wellschool has impacted the lives of hundreds of people across Victoria through various programs such as community based Wellcircles, Wellness literacy products for Mentor and Mentee programs, and Wellness coaching for schools Wellschool has.

We provide wellness courses, training for wellness coaches, and a range of specific services to promote healthy, happy lives.

If you’re still wondering what wellness is, take a look at the rest of the About section where you’ll find definitions and further information on who we are and what we do.