Wellness Coach Training


As Einstein said, “To teach by example is not the best way, it is the only way.”

Learning the skills of wellness coaching provides a pathway for practitioners to both live with wellness and develop the ability to best support others to wellness. Our focus is on bringing wellness skills to those who care for community, through education and health care.

Wellness Coaching is an evidence based approach designed  to train coaches with high-level skills for supporting and guiding others to take responsibility for their own health and wellness.

Wellness coaching takes a whole person approach and integrates the physical, psychological, social and wider cultural, environmental and spiritual dimensions of health and well-being.

Health professionals and teachers often already possess many of the relational skills essential for success as a health and wellness coach as establishing intimacy and trust is often second nature.

Our curriculum is grounded in evidence-based research and practical skill development through online and real world coaching practice.

Advances in understanding of behaviour change including mindfulness, positive psychology and the Trans-Theoretical Model for change, Fogg Behavioural Model, Appreciative Inquiry and Motivational Interviewing are all incorporated into our training.


Developing of Wellschool Coaching Practice Skills and Knowledge include:

• Mindfulness in establishing a presence and deep listening with client-patient
• Open ended and strategic questioning and reflecting skills
• Assessing client-patient needs and models to identify key areas of concern
• Assessing, resourcing and supporting patients towards readiness for change
• Strength based validation and acknowledgement skills
• Supporting client in creating a vision, action plan and SMART goals

Wellschool Coach Training includes:
• Coaching psychology and social theory and practice
• Mindfulness-based coaching skills development for self-care and client coaching
• Coaching triads and networks for peer to peer learning and mutual support
• Conducting, receiving and giving feedback on peer wellness coaching
• Experience working one-on-one with practice wellness coaching clients
• Coach trainer feedback on recorded sessions
• Self-reflective transcribing and journaling of coaching to plot the development and application of coaching skills


For inquiries please contact Eva Migdal on 0402017327 or eva@wellschool.net