“Wellcircle offered a unique opportunity for me to explore the taboo world of depression with others that deal with similar issues in their lives. I have been empowered to not just help myself but help coach others through difficult times with the well thought out tools that have been provided by the program. This holistic approach is not just unique, but effective too!”

Wellcircle was developed by Wellschool as a way to connect groups of people with common life challenges. It’s a way for people to come together to learn and peer coach each other to develop skills of wellness.

Wellcircle can be run for people with a broad range of challenges – depression, anxiety, diabetes, peri-menopause or parenting issues – being part of a group that understand each others challenges is the first step to overcoming them.

Wellcircles meet regularly to share their stories, identify personal wellness gaps, learn evidence based knowledge and develop important life skills. From there they can take steps to action these skills to improve their wellness.

Wellcircles are based on a proven framework of coaching skill development. People find Wellcircles through GP and health practitioner referrals, social networking platforms and other community pathways.

For more information please contact eva@wellschool.net