Resources for Wellcircles

Here you will find the resources that you can use as a member of the Wellcircle process.

For me podcasts & videos have been guiding me for the last decade. When I see my mind slipping into the negative thinking pattern, or feeling I am struggling, I have developed the habit to  find an online voice that will take me away from my pattern of thinking that is taking me down the familiar repetition versus create a new voice and inner language. The fact is our brain responds to our inner dialogue. We can alter our inner dialogue by listening to the sort of voices that tap into and even slightly shift our inner dialogue.

Some of the links here are to people who have made dozens, or even hundreds of videos or podcasts.

Find the ones you like, and see what if you make them your go to person when you are feeling unhappy. My experience with many clients has shown that if you do it constantly, not once, but getting into the habit, you will start shifting your inner dialogue.  Habits are just that, habits. And they can change, but only if you change your response. When you feel bad, instead of ruminating (repeating your thoughts over and over in your head), turn on a podcast or a video. Change your state to change your decision, and start changing your life.

Develop the habit of using YouTube & podcasts as resources to train your brain.

You can design your life by deciding what is going into your brain … and what doesnt,

I hope you learn to design well!


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