Our Team

We are a growing team of educators, health professionals and facilitators with a shared vision; we want to develop health literacy and wellness skills as a core element of the school, healthcare and community experience.

Eva Migdal

Founder of Wellschool, Wellschool Trainer, Wellcircle Trainer.

evaEva is at the heart of Wellschool. She’s a social entrepreneur who devotes her  time and energy to developing the Wellschool vision.

Her Wellness journey started in 1984, as a frustrated physiotherapist treating entirely preventable injuries in the workplace. She saw how quickly health improved and injury rates declined when bad work habits were identified early. Working with wellness principles to improve body, mind and connection directly transformed the work culture and the personal lives of these individuals. Eva founded Wellschool as a response to this.

She’s a qualified physiotherapist, teacher, environmental scientist, film maker and radio producer.

As well as this Eva lectures at RMIT University’s School of Health Sciences Master of Wellness program. She’s a Health Coach with Diabetes Victoria on the Life Program. She has been a fellow with the Centre for Sustainability Leadership,  the School of Social Entrepreneurs and The Difference Incubator ‘Two Feet’ social business program.

Kristine Gardener

Wellcircle Facilitator

Kristine is awesome. She has been the Wellcircle facilitator for the pilot and subsequent Wellcircles and is part of the curriculum development team. She is a committed and passionate health professional with qualifications in Wellness Coaching, Naturopathy, Education and Natural Fertility Management, as well as extensive experience at a senior level in the corporate sector and small business management. By applying the principles of positive psychology, appreciative inquiry and motivational interviewing, she assist clients to explore the underlying causes and motivations behind their unhealthy behaviours & lifestyle choices and help them to set appropriate and achievable pathways to their health goals. Her areas of interest include chronic disease prevention and reversal, stress management and weight loss, with a strong interest in youth resilience coaching.

Daniel Cohn (USA)

Wellschool Evaluation Specialist

Daniel is super smart and works with us all the way from Cleveland at strange hours of our days to guide research into the impact of Wellschool programs and help us in a range of Wellschool Assessment Tool development. He currently serves as Program Officer with the Mt. Sinai Health Care Foundation, directing strategy efforts in community health and health policy. Prior to joining the team in August 2015, Daniel served as Assistant Director of Cornell University’s Center for Engaged Learning + Research where he evaluated and managed programs that engaged faculty and students in service-oriented, experiential education. He was also a fellow with the Congressional Hunger Center, during which time he helped launch a multi-state “food as medicine” advocacy initiative. He was later stationed at the USDA Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships working on First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign and on economic development outreach in the rural South.

Daniel’s academic background is in public health, and he is a proud Clevelander.

Sarah Kurland

Wellschool Design Thinker Extraordinaire

Sarah is a design thinker passionate about using her interdisciplinary background in positive psychology, social impact, design education and communications to empower people to connect with themselves and each other, resulting in an upward spiral to mental and physical wellness for the individual and beyond. She is a graduate of Cornell University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Policy Analysis and Management where she gained a solid foundation in applied social sciences, empirical analysis and policy evaluation. She is thankful to have experienced this type of education as she got settled in the creative and entrepreneurial world she now calls home. Sarah began working with the incredible Wellschool team in April 2016 as the resident Design Thinking Specialist and, as such, has encouraged a culture of creativity, feedback, iteration and innovation. Broadly, Sarah uses an outcome-driven approach to brainstorming and strategizing in order to help grow the business in an intentional and user-driven way. She was also afforded the opportunity to engage in a business incubator program on behalf of Wellschool; it was designed for businesses that want to “do good and make money” and she gained invaluable knowledge about all aspects of social entrepreneurship. And as Sarah feels excited by lifelong learning and growth, she plans to start a Master’s Degree in July, subject TBD.

Carl Quinsee

Wellcircle Trainer

Carl Quinsee is a certified coach, with experience in diverse backgrounds ranging from emergency services, construction, security and personal growth industries. As a coach, Carl has worked with managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, emergency service personnel and a diverse number of individuals to help them address their current concerns and therefore achieve better outcomes in their business and personal life. He is the founder and owner of the Avatar Wellness Centre, a centre inspired by the ideal of assisting others in reaching their full potential. He is the CEO of Positive Change Programs a company that offers numerous diverse Life Skills programs in collaboration with other specialist facilitators. He is passionate about helping individuals and groups to work from an Ontological perspective, strengthening the ability to effectively manage the changing landscape of their personal and professional life. In a leadership role for 25 years, Carl has completed courses and certifications in Leadership, Mentoring, Ontological coaching, Peer Support, Neurolinguistic Programming, Workplace Training and Hypnotherapy. He currently resides in Melbourne Australia.

Vladik Roskin

Wellschool – Innovation Designer and Social Impact

Vlad joined the Wellschool-team in April 2017 and has contributed towards building a sustainable community and development of the Ethical Nomad Network concept and development. His background is in architectural design & engineering, but his real specialization is ‘possibilities’. Seeing the potential in people and in places is what drives him, inspiring people to become the best version of themselves, designing spaces and services that offer opportunities for meaningful experiences to emerge. As a natural born generalist he has designed and built architectural projects, designed innovative services for social impact and travelled the world. His journey is fueled by a burning curiosity in human well-being and our potential to do great things. Vladic truly believes that the only way we, as a human species, can flourish, is through well-designed spaces and human-centered-services.

Dr Joanna Denyer

Wellschool Editor and Research

Working at the Wellschool HQ since August 2016, Jo has a background in medical publishing where she worked as an editor for a leading medical journal. Prior to this she completed a PhD in biomechanics, a degree in Sports Therapy, and lectured at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. Having spent the last two years travelling, she arrived at Wellschool to volunteer for one week, but can’t seem to leave! Inspired by the Wellschool vision, she’s been putting her editing and organisational skills to good use working on various projects including Wellcirlces, Wellness coaching for schools, and Wellness literacy for the YWCA Mentor-Mentee program.

 Dr Nathalie Martinek

Originally from Montreal, Nathalie completed her studies in developmental biology at the University of Toronto. After moving to Melbourne in 2005, she spent several years as a postdoctoral researcher at the Peter Mac. She was Project Officer in Training & Development at the Centre for Community Child Health at the Royal Childrens Hospital which allowed her to expand her work into projects with a public health and community focus. This shift also initiated her training as a meditation facilitator, teacher and wellbeing advocate to support those working in healthcare settings to self-care. Nathalie has trained as a facilitator of the Family Partnership Model in order to deepen her facilitation skills and support practitioners to be effective in their work with families, patients, clients and colleagues. Nathalie is interested in the power of partnerships as agents of cultural and practice change as well as in healing. She’s a state grade squash player, fluent in French and Hebrew, a bagel connoisseur and knows nothing about Australian Rules football.

Trish Everett

Trish is a communication educator and wellness coach and exceptional education professional with a great diversity of talents. She completed the Masters of Wellness at RMIT university where she is now lecturer of Wellness Coaching and Wellness and Lifestyle. She has been both a teacher and a principal in a remote aboriginal school. It was there that she saw the potential for a wellness approach and the innovations made possible through online connections to remote communities. In 2008, she participated in a Future of Learning in a Network World Travelling Open Space Conference . She then went on to complete a Masters of Communication and studies in Information Technology. She has a diverse academic and professional background in Fitness, Economics, European Union Studies, Education, Information Technology, Communications, Aboriginal Communities, and Agriculture.

Daryl Taylor

Daryl is a community development project worker, public health planner, participatory action researcher, and collaborative design and program evaluation consultant. He has worked as a general nurse on hospital wards and in emergency and trauma departments as well as in the community in community health and community mental health programs. He has designed and led award-winning participatory and collaborative policy, program, project and action research process innovation in public health and health promotion, community well-being, community development and deliberative planning, indigenous reconciliation, the arts and community cultural development, volunteering and social inclusion and disaster preparedness and community regeneration. Daryl has tutored and taught in, and contributed to the development of, multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary undergraduate and post-graduate subjects. In 2011, he received the School for Social Entrepreneurs ‘Community Champion’ Award for contributions to community development and social innovation.

Amira Kay

Amira has been committed to supporting those suffering from addiction and wishing to engage the recovery process. Over the last 15 years she has worked as an Addictions Counselor in the Public Sector as well as run a private practice as a Psychotherapist in Melbourne. She graduated from Melbourne University with a B.Sc, is a qualified Gemologist and Psychotherapist and PACFA registered Clinician. Amira offers her experiences, insights and learnings with committed and innate understanding and an open heart.

Jenny Kirschner

Jenny Kirschner is a clinical pharmacist in both a hospital and retail setting who has been exposed to a wide spectrum of the human experience. Passionate about empowering people, she studied health coaching as a way to motivate individuals towards greater self-awareness. She advocates mindfulness to her customers and patients, encouraging them to bring more kindness and connection into their lives. She has worked as a project manager in a hospital setting and is now involved in project management for a variety of social change initiatives including Mindful in May. Collaboration and social media strategy play a large role in the work she does within these projects. Well School  has been an exciting opportunity to collaborate and contribute her project management skills, coaching skills, and creativity towards a campaign that supports teachers in bringing deeper connection and wellbeing into their lives.