Our Current Projects

Wellschool has a number of exciting projects, some completed, and some still in the pipeline:


‘Licence for Life’: is a government funded wellness & coaching skill training developed for the YWCA Asista Mentor Program. It consists of a series of wellness books, online courses and resource website. It will soo be made available to a broader audience.

Wellness Coach Training  for schools. Melbourne Girls Grammar is a progressive, contemporary and independent school, which has delivered an exceptional education for girls from Early Learning to Year 12 for more than 120 years. It is the first school in the world that has five dedicated Wellness Coaches trained for their Year 9 and 10 girls.

Wellcircle:  A unique peer to peer platform for managing chronic disease with the art and science of wellness and community. We have started this initiative with two seven week pilots: ‘Managing Depression with the Art & Science of Wellness’


WellLife: We are piloting the Wellcircle approach with people who have long term chronic disability that stops people from working with funding from an insurance company. We will be doing in depth research into the impact of this with this challenged group

LifeLAB : Using the Licence for Life model about we are developing a flipped model of training young people in schools on how to be well.

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