Life LAB: Personal and Planetary Wellness

‘Planetary health and personal health must be acknowledged as a symbiotic relationship.’

(Josiah, 2017)

Life LAB (Learning Activity Books)

The 21st Century child has unprecedented challenges ahead, challenges that require so much more than the introspective focus of mindfulness training.

Take your classroom on the journey of and for a lifetime – a journey to learn the art & science of learning, developing and sharing wellness habits.

Our ‘Life LAB’ approach teaches kids and educators skills that can turn bad habits into ‘well habits’.

The course will promote positive change in their personal lives, their classrooms, their homes and ultimately, their planet.

We aim to develop:

  1. Wellness Literacy
  2. Peer coaching skills
  3. Habit change skills
  4. Influencer and activism skills

These skills can strengthen young people’s ability in so many areas of learning and in life, such as how to; be healthy; build positive relationships with others; set healthy boundaries; how to make good decisions; how change happens; how to set goals and achieve them; how to influence others to make change happen.

These are skills that can equip kids with an understanding of how to navigate the inevitable bumps on the road of 21st century life.

PLANETARY WELLNESS: The Draw Down Challenge

Engaging young people to take on the challenge of climate change recovery presents educators with an interesting opportunity. What better thing for self esteem than to become a local and global citizen, activist or change maker.

Planetary health and personal health must be acknowledged as a symbiotic relationship. Life Lab aims to nurture this relationship so that healthy people can work towards creating a healthy planet.

With the recent launch of Paul Hawken’s book “Drawdown’ we have an environmental activist’s roadmap that breaks down and guides us through to the 100 most substantive solutions to global warming. These are simple and practical actions we can take to draw carbon out of the atmosphere, in turn reducing or reversing our personal and societal contribution towards climate change. We base our curriculum on these solutions and give kids an innovative way to take action and measure their personal drawdown impact.

The Life Lab approach recognises the critical need to motivate young people to take on their own personal health (through wellness education), as well as the opportunity to engage and encourage them to become advocates for planetary health using peer coaching skills.

The Life Lab approach presents many opportunities for young people to prepare themselves for living in a collaborative, smart thinking, future-focused life.

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