Wellness & Peer Coach Training for Schools

Our curriculum train students and teachers in wellness literacy, frameworks for change, peer coaching and communication skills. The curriculum is flexible, designed to meet the needs of the students, as well as to minimise the need for teachers to go through a steep learning curve. We use a co-learning skills development model, where teaches and students  engage in the inquiry, peer coaching and learning process together.

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Our focus areas of training are

Wellness Literacy:

Learn the invaluable language of Wellness through our unique Licence for Life model where we use memorable metaphors, quizzes, activities and peer practice to support self awareness of gaps in their skills. The small steps and personalised challenge approach helps the learner navigate their own personal path to wellness. The model is designed to adapt to the changing demographics and needs of your students.

Peer Coaching:

The skills of communication, collaboration, conflict management and peer coaching are critical life skills often neglected in school curriculum, yet can result in transformational change for students.

This also includes understanding the process and stages of change.

The book provides practical tools, training and templates where self-awareness, goal setting and peer support are core skills that will impact a students way beyond the classroom into their laboratory of life.


The activity book ‘Licence for Life’ is used as a core text to guide students and teachers towards their Licence for Life. The teachers guide will support the teacher in the many ways they can use the book.

The book is available in several formats to meet the curriculum design, student needs and budget restrictions of the school. We can also adapt the book for specific needs. There are a  series of seven booklets dividing the curriculum into the seven core areas, or a series of downloadable PDFs, or an all in one 500 page book.

The learning activities are broken into seven  areas:

  1. Wellness and Systems
  2. Peer Coaching and Change
  3. Body
  4. Safety
  5. Connect
  6. Mind
  7. Shine

Ideally, the teacher can integrate the curriculum without external training, as the the curriculum is based on self directed learning for the students and peer coaching between students. The teacher is encouraged to join a self-inquiry discovery process with the students.


If requested,  we can provide workshops that can bring in a Wellschool team member to do a workshop or training teachers and/or students in the Licence for Life model. This can also be done online.

Wellness 101: ‘Licence for Life’ (for students and educators)  

This three hour workshop gives students a basic understand the concept of wellness and the first practical steps in goal setting so they can learn how to make personal change happen.

The Licence for Life model uses a framework to help one practically understand personal wellness through a range of metaphors appreciate the gifts of systems thinking, Participants will become aware of their own strengths and challenges with their personal wellness, and set small step wellness goals for themselves using the SMART-ASS framework.

Peer Coaching 101:  (for students and educators)  

This three hour workshop teaches the core skills for peer coaching.

In this workshop you will explore, self- reflect and learn the most valuable of communication skills with your peers. How to listen well (without interrupting) , how to reflect back what has been said (so others feel heard and connected), how to ask great open ended questions (to create meaningful dialogue) and how to use positive perspective in conversations (so to bring the best out in others and yourself) .

The power of peer coaching is to make our lives more connected and joyful. This can be achieved without spending a tonne of money on therapy and counselling.  The resources we need are inside each and everyone of us! Through a peer coaching approach we can prevent isolation, loneliness and bring wellness to young people and teachers.

Wellness Coaching Basics: Individual Coaching (For mental health professionals)

This 4-hour workshop (2 x 2 hour) explores the basic coaching psychology theories and evidence that underpin wellness coaching including: the power of the coaching relationship; the stages of change and why understanding this is fundamental to designing successful change; the coaching communication skills; the power of positive psychology to facilitate change and several practical ways to integrate this into daily practice; the GROW model & how to use it; coaching practice between the 2 parts of the workshops; peer coaching opportunities beyond the workshop.

Wellness Support Group Basics: Peer Coaching

This 2-hour workshop explores the power of group coaching and community for facilitating change. We explore the research into the strong links between isolation & illness, the evidence on the power of support groups to facilitate wellness, new research and methods being used in this field and examples of how this has been used with young people. We explore the Wellschool peer coach group model.


These courses are designed to teach educators and others working with students the skills of coaching and wellness literacy. The format of our training is multi-modal to support all types of learning which can include: Workshops, Online learning, Reading, Videos, Peer Coaching in Coaching Circles, One on One Supervision &  Self Reflective Skill Practice.

Wellness Training in Licence for Life Model

This 32-hour training can be delivered in either face to face, online or a mixed face-to-face & online format. Through this training you will be learning the Fundamentals of Wellness including Physical, Psychological and Physiological Wellness, Communicating with Wellness & Community Support.

Wellness Coaching Fundamentals  –  Skill Development Training

This 40-hour training will support participants to understand, practice, develop their capacity in our unique 12 core coaching skills that are fundamental to effective and safe coaching practice. This course includes 8 workshops that are mixed mode: both face to face and Skype based. We also use the most effective approaches to coaching development including: Peer coaching practice ; Practice Coaching Clients; Self-reflective learning coaching sessions using our unique Key Learning Opportunity approach

Wellness Coaching Advanced – Reflective Skill Practice

This 40-hour training will support participants to put all their learning in Wellness Coaching Fundamentals into practice and become proficient in the 12 core coaching skills for effective and safe coaching practice. This course supports participant learning through working with practice coaching youth clients, one-on-one supervised coaching feedback (via face to face or recorded sessions) with high level personalised instructor feedback and guidance on the 12 skills; group workshops where participants share their coaching challenges plus that are mixed mode: both face to face and Skype based. We also use the most effective approaches to coaching development including: Peer coaching practice t; Practice Coaching Clients; Self-reflective learning using our unique Key Learning Opportunity approach.

Group Wellness Coach Project – Specialisation & Resource Development

This 40 hour Mastery Project is for participants wish to expand their practice into areas we believe are the future of Wellness Coaching: Group Coaching, Specialisation & Resource Development.

For more details on all the above courses, please contact eva@wellschool.net