Introduction to Wellness & Coaching for Schools

These short workshops are designed to introduce wellness and coaching concepts to teachers in schools. The format of our workshops is multi-modal to support all modes of learning and usually involve: Introducing Concepts, Group Dialogue, Skill Practice, Group Reflection, Self-paced Personal Project.

  • Wellness Basics: ‘Licence for Life’ Model

This 3-hour workshop presents the basics to understand the concept of wellness. We introduce participants to our simple, unique & powerful metaphor for wellness through the Licence for Life model that facilitates student learning, appreciation of systems thinking and how to practically think about wellness concepts in terms of lifestyle. We also set simple wellness goals and action steps for participants to practice the skills on themselves.

  • Wellness Coaching Basics: Individual Coaching

This 4-hour workshop (2 x 2 hour) explores the basic coaching psychology theories and evidence that underpin wellness coaching including: the power of the coaching relationship; the stages of change and why understanding this is fundamental to designing successful change; the coaching communication skills; the power of positive psychology to facilitate change and several practical ways to integrate this into daily practice; the GROW model & how to use it; coaching practice between the 2 parts of the workshops; peer coaching opportunities beyond the workshop.

  • Wellness Support Group Basics: Peer Coaching

This 2-hour workshop explores the power of group coaching and community for facilitating change. We explore the research into the strong links between isolation & illness, the evidence on the power of support groups to facilitate wellness, new research and methods being used in this field and examples of how this has been used with young people. We explore the Wellschool peer coach group model.