Creating a Vision to direct your life

Here are a few inspirational talks to lead you to creating a Vision. Try it out – watch them and see where they take you. There is a small description for each link, so see what sounds inspiring!

Ready to try creating a Vision?
Here is a great 15 minute video that would guide you to write a little vision for yourself.
It is made up of two parts
1. Why the vision is so important and how to create it
2. A guided visualisation exercise.
You can just listen to the first part if doing the second part doesn’t resonate with you.

“The You 2.0 Visioning Exercise”

If you feel you are a bit cynical about creating a Vision, start here!

How To Stop Backsliding – How To Stop Procrastinating

I quote this guy – Leo @ who has dozens of videos that are great reminders of how to get through the difficult parts of life. He is a good place to start if you find you are stuck , wanting to make change, yet not able to make the small changes you need to get things happening.